Nelson Mandela Exhibition

For the first time ever in Portugal, The House of Mandela Art brought signed prints and collaborations of the work of Nelson Mandela to exhibit in Evora Monte from 2nd April 2019 until 31st May 2019.

Between 2001 and 2005 Nelson Mandela created a series of artwork that reflect the much-told story of his life. On display in the Castle at Evora Monte were prints of his first works, the Struggle Series consisting of 5 images that encapsulate his life story: 

The Clenched Fist – representing the struggle years
Imprisonment – his hands bound representing his incarceration for 27 years
Freedom – breaking the shackles
Unity – Nelson Mandela did more than unify his nation and the continent, his hand of friendship was extended to the world.
Hand – his hand extended to a child’s hand reflects his belief in the youth

As he wrote in the accompanying written motivation “Even if age makes us wiser guides … it is the youth that reminds us of love, trust and the value of life”

In May 2002 Nelson Mandela created a series of sketches that reflected his time on Robben Island. He revisited the island in order to capture, the essence of the island. After which he applied his unique style of bright colours to the series of works. The images in this collection of works are titled; The Cell, The Window, The Church, The Lighthouse and The Harbour. Nelson Mandela further hand wrote the motivation for this series of works.

After completing these works Nelson Mandela embraced this new-found talent and quipped to his art coach – “I can say so much with these simple line drawings, why would I write another book when I can tell stories in my drawings!.” Inspired by the Struggle Series Nelson Mandela went on to create another 46 original works.

There was Nelson Mandela work on display (and for sale) at the following venues at Evora Monte:
• Within the Silveirinha Art Gallery that has established itself in the Old Town Hall
• Within the Old Jail where Andar a Monte (The local guided tour company) have their offices
• Within the local craft shop – Celeiro Comum
• Within the Café/Restaurant at The Place at Evoramonte

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