The Place at Evoramonte is at the very top of our wonderful hill, inside the stone city walls, right next to our famous castle. There is no other place like this for miles around…but there’s plenty of places to visit for miles around.

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Evoramonte is conveniently located right in the middle of everything that the Alentejo has to offer. You can easily get to the best of the region, from Evora to the South and Estremoz to the North – and everything in between.

There are nine castles you could visit, dozens of wine producers, a cork factory, the pottery village, the carpet weaving village as well as cycling, hiking and birdwatching. Many of these attractions can be reached on a bicycle so if you want a more energetic stay; we can arrange this. Of course, you might simply choose to do nothing at all and unwind. Perfect. Within Evoramonte alone we have:

  • Visit the Castle
  • See over 60 unique street stones hand-painted onto the cobbles
  • Watch the legendary Sunsets from the Café terrace 
  • Visit the craft shop with a great range of local products and see Sensa making the traditional ‘Bonecos of Estremoz’
  • Walk the historic walls with 360 degree views
  • Watch out for the Griffon vultures
  • Relax on the terrace with a light meal – or with a glass of wine

Take a look at the map below to see all that is accessible from The Place at Evoramonte – or scroll down through some of the highlights.


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A Cathedral, a Roman Temple, a Chapel of bones! A busy town square. Dozens of restaurants. Festivals. Views in all directions. There is so much to this UNESCO World Heritage Town.

Travel in easily from The Place at Evoramonte. See the sites. Enjoy the action. Then return for peaceful sundowners and recharge for everything tomorrow has to offer.


Just a few kilometres from the Spanish border, this is a great place to go for a lunch or dinner with a view. And also a fine way to while away an afternoon looking at a selection of crafts from the area.

There are no cars in the town, so you can walk freely among the cobbled streets, visiting the shops that sell everything from carpets, to pottery and textiles and local foods.

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A town that is best visited on a Saturday morning because of the wonderful market that is held there. You can spend a few hours picking through the bric-a-brac, or focus on the food section. This is what makes life in Alentejo so wonderful – the range of fresh foods that will make you wish for simpler times before supermarkets and “food-miles”. Fresh vegetables, cured hams, cheeses, breads, cakes and even live chickens and rabbits if that’s what you are after. Make a point of sampling the local donut-like delicacies sold from a van half way up the street.

The town also boasts a good few restaurants, supermarkets, chemists, banks and all the other things you may need. All served with wonderful coffee available at a range of different coffee shops.

And if you feel like a walk, wander through the cobbled streets until you get to the top of the hill. Your reward will be a fantastic view over the valleys towards Evoramonte, some really unique spots for a bite to eat, and the satisfaction of knowing that the way home is all downhill.

There is no better way to spend a Saturday.

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Relax and enjoy everything Alentejo has to offer

Pottery of Sao Pedro do Corval

If carefully crafted pottery is what you are after then we have an entire village for you. In Sao Pedro do Corval nearly every establishment is involved in the making and selling of pottery. You can visit the shops for the whole morning – and even see the crafts people at work. The ceramics and pots you see throughout the country are usually made right here in this wee village.

Megalithic Stones

The area is also home to some of the oldest megalithic stones. As the guide book says, the standing stones of the Almendres Cromlech are regarded as the finest example of Neolithic structures that remain on the Iberian Peninsula. Thankfully, the local government has not cordoned or fenced off the stones and visitors are free to wander around the entire site and even touch the stones. This relaxed approach extends to the management of the site, there is no entrance fee and the stones are open to visit at any time. Go on your own or go with a tour guide, we can recommend one.

Carpet Crafting in Arraiolos

Sometimes you can find a place where beautiful, detailed carpets are crafted. We have a whole town where this is the focus. Wool carpets and tapestries have been woven here since the 16th century – and are still hand-woven here today. You can wander from place to place and see if a carpet or wall hanging might add that little extra to your home. Spend a morning wondering through the shops, take in the views, enjoy a beer and some lunch at one of the cafes. Perfect.

Marble Production

The town of Vila Viçosa is well known for the marble it produces. Another great walled town with so many great old buildings to visit – but here they have used marble to build so much of it. (The marble in our bathrooms and on the stairs all comes from a factory working in the area.) So if you are interested in seeing where this marble comes from, or maybe owning a few keepsakes – this is the spot for you to visit.

Bird Watching

Evoramonte is a great place to spend a few relaxing days if you like birds, wildlife and exploring beautiful countryside. Whether novice, expert, fanatic or somewhere in between, The Place at Evoramonte is a fantastic base from which to explore the birds of the Alentejo. Convenient for full day, half day, early morning and night excursions - accompanied by the highest standards of accommodation and wonderful food and wine, we guarantee a birding holiday to savour. Find out more HERE

Walking Tours

Within the castle walls there is a company called Andar A Monte who offer walking tours around the castle and in the scenic area surrounding the castle. They also offer walks through the olive groves and through cork forests. You are accompanied and these are very enjoyable and informative walks – they last from 2 hours and can be personalised on request.

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