The Place at Evoramonte,
near Evora, Portugal

Welcome to The Place at Evoramonte. Here you will find the most peaceful bed and breakfast accommodation and café in the heart of the best that the Alentejo has to offer, all at the very top of our wonderful hill, inside the stone city walls, right next to our famous castle.

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We are so fortunate to be able to live and work in this most beautiful spot – the tip-top of Evoramonte. And hopefully we will see you here in person quite soon.

We spent years dreaming of starting a business and working together. We were not sure exactly what sort of business we could run – but we wanted to do something together. It was most likely to be a café, a bed and breakfast or a craft shop. The Place at Evoramonte has given us all three, and an olive grove thrown in. We are so lucky.

It has been such an adventure, from the time we first came to Portugal exploring all the different regions until we finally discovered Evoramonte and all that the area has to offer. It is everything we could have hoped for.

Now we live at the top of this fine mountain, next to the splendid castle at the start of the cobbled street. A van comes occasionally to sell groceries in the village, the bread is sourced locally, we can stand and see the vineyards that produce the wine, all our other suppliers are within a few miles – and everyday we wake up and pinch ourselves to make sure that this special place where we work is also the place we call home.

If you are interested in our mini-adventure in and around Evora, Estremoz and Evoramonte, take a look at our Facebook page.

But more importantly – do drop in when you find yourself in the area. Let’s see if you too fall in love with this wonderful region.

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