Weaving lessons

Weaving Lessons

Now when you visit Evoramonte you have the chance to learn the traditional weaving skills and to complete a beautiful throw for yourself, made on the old traditional looms. The course will take you through all the stages: Selecting the wool, preparing the warp, dressing the loom, and actually weaving your own cloth.  The complete …

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Wild Poppies

Spring Flowers

March April is an amazing time of the year here in the Alentejo.  After the first bit of rain we suddenly get a complete carpet of wildflowers, and everything in our gardens starts to grow.  It is a site to behold.  Plan a trip out here and see for yourself…

Bird Watching across the plain

Bird Watching

Evoramonte is a great place to spend a few relaxing days if you like birds, wildlife and exploring beautiful countryside. Whether novice, expert, fanatic or somewhere in between, The Place at Evoramonte is a fantastic base from which to explore the birds of the Alentejo. Convenient for full day, half day, early morning and night …

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Lonely Planet guide for Portugal

Lonely Planet

Fantastic. Thank you Regis St Louis. Not only do we now have a fabulous mention in the best selling travel guide “Lonely Planet” – but we have been listed as one of the top 5 places to stay when you visit Alentejo. Great stuff. 

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