The Town and Castle at Evoramonte

Originally an Arab settlement, Evoramonte was taken over by King D Afonso Henriques in around 1166. And since then it has seen its fair share of fortification and remodelling.

The building of the castle and the perimeter walls was carried out by a chap called King D Dinis in 1306. He probably didn’t actually do it himself – but would have got a crowd of his folk to get amongst it. They did a fine job.

There are five main gates, and you can walk around the walls and go and see them all. You can actually walk on the walls in some places – but be pretty careful as there are no fences or rails, but there is a very long drop down. 

These are the five gates: Porta de Freixo facing the city of Evora; Porta de S. Bras on the South East; Porta da Vila – The sun gate; Porta de S. Sebastiao on the west; Postigo – the small (but very fat) gate.

And this is a brief history of the goings-on that the castle has seen…

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timeline of Evoramonte