The Café Restaurante O Emigrante

If you are after a wonderful meal in a restaurant frequented by genuine Evoramonte folks, then Restaurante O Emigrante is the spot for you, located at the bottom of the hill. There is an appetising menu with everything prepared and cooked fresh to order. But best of all, this family run place is hosted by Yana who simply epitomises the warmth and friendliness of everyone you will meet in the area. This is a fantastic spot for a relaxed lunch or dinner.

There is also the opportunity to stop in and ‘grab a bite’ if you are just travelling through – with a menu that you would expect anywhere in the world, and a local grilled black pork special that is worth coming back for. Natalia will recognise you if you drop in for a second visit. And pretty soon after that she will make you feel like you are one of the family. A huge and genuine hug, a coffee and a quick catch-up are essential if you happen to be passing through.

My personal favourite however, is the open-air barbeque on the weekends. This is what chicken and chops were made for! Petru grills them outside on an open fire and brings them to the table to order. They are huge. And they are delicious. Just take a seat at one of the outside tables, order a beer or two, people-watch to your hearts content and while a way a couple of hours. You deserve this.


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Café Restaurante O Emigrante
Praco dos Aviaolores 37

Tel: +351 91 808 7380